Bible Treasure Hunt

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Bible Treasure Hunt Instructions



1. Cut out clue slips at the bottom of your Bible Treasure Hunt page.


2. Fold clue slips in half on faint gray horizontal dotted line with print facing out.


3. Fold clue slips in half again on vertical dotted line with number and symbol facing out & scripture clue inside.


4. Use scotch tape to attach clue slips #2-10 (with the number and symbol facing out where the child can see them) to the object listed on the back of the clue slip. The symbol is how the child will know the clue belongs to him. This is especially important when more than one child is treasure hunting.


5. Hide present where instructed.


6. Give child a King James Version of the Bible and clue slip #1.


7. The child will look up the first scripture listed inside the clue slip and pick the clue from the verse. He should then proceed to the clued object to find his next clue.


8. Have the child repeat the process until she has found her treasure!